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Hadil Abukwaik


PhD student of the research group Software Engineering: Processes and Measurement


Hadil Abukwaik
University of Kaiserslautern
Building 32 - Room 428
67653 Kaiserslautern

Fax: +49 (631) 205-3331

Research Interests

  • Software Architecture
  • Software Quality: Interoperability
  • Empirical Software Engineering
  • API Documentation
  • Machine Learning and Text Classification


    • "Introduction to Software Engineering" course for the Master Studies “Software Engineering for Embedded Systems” offered by the Distance and Independent Studies Center (DISC)
    • Every semester: Seminar, Diplom-/Master Thesis, Project-/Bachelor Thesis

Theses Supervision

  • Current Master Students:

    Mirnes Sarajlic
    Master Thesis: "Reference solution for technical and architectural interoperability problems of software systems".

  • Alumni Master Students:

    Thejashree Nair
    Master Thesis:"Industrial evaluation for a tool extracting COINs from API documentation".

    Sagar Jadahv

    Master Thesis:"Reference Architecture for Operations Support System for Distributed, Scale-Out Applications".

    Mohammed Abujayyab
    Master Thesis:"Extracting conceptual interoperability constraints from API documentation". April 2016.

    Sundeep Jadav
    Master Thesis:"Useful and Usable API documentation - empirical evaluation for improving guidelines of API documentation". October 2016.

  • Publications

    • “Software Interoperability Analysis in Practice – A Survey“, [preprint]
      Hadil Abukwaik and Dieter Rombach
      TO APPEAR In the 21st International Conference on Evaluation and Assessment of Software Engineering (EASE’17), Karlskrona, Sweden, 2017. Acceptance rate = 37.5%)

    • “Towards Seamless Analysis of Software Interoperability: Automatic Identifcation of Conceptual Constraints in API Documentation“, [preprint] [doi]
      Hadil Abukwaik, Mohammed Abujayyab, and Dieter Rombach
      The 10th European Conference on Software Architecture (ECSA’16). Copenhagen, Denmark. 2016. acceptance rate for full papers = 14.28 %; for both full and short papers = 27.38 %)

    • “Extracting conceptual interoperability constraints from API documentation using machine learning”, [doi] [preprint] [poster]
      Hadil Abukwaik, Mohammed Abujayyab, Shah Rukh Humayoun, and Dieter Rombach,
      The 39th International Conference of Software Engineering Companion (ICSE’16). Austin, TX, USA, 2016. acceptance rate = 18%)

    • “Tool-supported approach for extracting conceptual interoperability constraints of software units“, [preprint]
      Hadil Abukwaik and Dieter Rombach,
      The Young Research Symposium (YRS'16). Fraunhofer IESE, Kaiserslautern, Germany, 2016.

    • “CoinsExtractor: The Architects’ Buddy in Identifying Conceptual Interoperability Constraints”, [doi] [preprint] [poster]
      Hadil Abukwaik, Mohammed Abujayyab, and Dieter Rombach,
      The 9th European Conference on Software Architecture (ECSA’15). Cavtat, Croatia. 2015. (acceptance rate = 28.8%)

    • “A Proactive Support for Conceptual Interoperability Analysis in Software Systems”, [doi] [preprint]
      Hadil Abukwaik, Matthias Naab, and Dieter Rombach,
      The 12th Working IEEE / IFIP Conference on Software Architecture (WICSA 2015), Montréal, Canada, IEEE, 2015. (acceptance rate = 28.4%)

    • “Interoperability-related architectural problems and solutions in information systems: A scoping study”, [doi]
      Hadil Abukwaik, David Taibi, and Dieter Rombach,
      The 8th European Conference on Software Architecture(ECSA 2014), Vienna, Austria, LNCS 8627, Springer, 2014, pp. 308-323. (acceptance rate = 21.3%)

    • “Empirical Evaluation for the Conceptual Interoperability Analysis Approach: A Controlled Experiment Design”, [pdf]
      Hadil Abukwaik
      Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Fachbereich Informatik. 2014 (Technical report)